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About Us

About Us:

It started with a love of all things meat, and a trip to Texas in 1993. I’ve always loved BBQ, but since the type you could get in NY at that time was what we now call “oven bbq” -- chicken and ribs cooked in gas rotisseries slathered with sweet, tomato-based sauces -- I never knew what good BBQ could be until that trip to Texas. I fell in love. Barbecue is cooked “low and slow” over indirect heat with wood smoke, and I needed to find me some up North. I bought my first smoker soon after, and produced some of the worst BBQ you ever tasted, then things clicked. My family loved it, my friends and co-workers loved it, and I loved cooking it. I became PitMaster at one of the most highly regarded, and award winning, BBQ joints in NYC and honed my technique by smoking 500 pounds of meat a day. Nowadays I use that knowledge to pass on the craft via coaching, teaching and consulting, but still fire up the bad boys every chance I get.


  • Food - We’ll design a feast featuring our slow smoked meats and sides that can be served buffet style, table side, or simply dropped off.

  • Beverages - If you’re BYOB'ing the shindig, that’s groovy. But if you'd like, we can set up a beer and wine bar, or bring in bartenders that can mix any kind of cocktail your guests can dream up.

  • Staffing - If you’re planning a full blown party, we can hire waiters, mixologists, and even make suggestions for DJs for you. That means all you have to do is show up (basically).

  • Rentals - We’re happy to coordinate renting the tables, chairs, napkins—everything down to the forks you and your guests will use. Just let us know if you’d like us to help out.

  • Pricing - your pricing is always custom. If you want us to be your caterer, we'll do what it takes to make that happen. Our packages range from $25 to $200 per guest, starting with food only and building up to full service with drinks, staffing, and rentals. Let’s figure out what works.

  • Getting Started - Click the link at the bottom of the page to contact us and get started.



Need help buying or setting up your backyard BBQ? I can show you, one on one, the tools and techniques to produce great BBQ. I can walk you through it all, from which smoker suits your needs, what type of wood/fuel to use, which are the best BBQ tongs, to how to trim a Pork Shoulder.

I can also be your BBQ professional for speaking or motivational engagements, or endorsements.


Staring up a BBQ business, restaurant, or food truck? Want to get into BBQ catering? Need to market your existing business or create and/or maintain a social media presence? We have the expertise to advise on solutions.



Certified as a Barbeque Judge (CBJ) and Table Captain (CTC) by the Kansas City Barbecue Society (KCBS) and the BBQ Brethren.


Learn all about BBQ and smoking in a group setting. Classes tailored to your needs, or take a standard class, such as:

  • BBQ/SMOKING 101 - Beginners to Intermediate

  • BBQ/SMOKING 201 - Intermediate to Advanced

  • Competition BBQ

  • Butts & Brisket

  • Ribs & Chicken